Margaret O'Brien

“Home Alone” Parental leave for Dads transforms fatherhood

Author: Professor Margaret O'Brien / 1 March 2017

First published on the Children and Family Blog, Monday 20 February 2017 Fathers become more independent caregivers and are more responsible for housework if they parent solo for some time. “When I was on parental leave, I took care of cleaning, shopping, cooking, all the basic work.” Pekka, a 37-year-old Finnish journalist, is talking about what... Read more »

The invisible dad

Author: Anne Kazimirski / 16 May 2014

When I joined the world of parenthood, I was surprised by the extent to which new dads are expected to be peripheral to the whole experience. Pregnant with my first child in 2007, the NHS handbook for pregnancy I was given featured a large photo of a woman holding a baby, with a small photo... Read more »

Earning mothers or caring fathers? Why convergent gender roles are best for families.

Author: Adrienne Burgess / 15 June 2013

When the Fatherhood Institute was founded in 1999 (under its original name ‘Fathers Direct’) central to its mission were two interdependent goals:  to support high quality and substantial father-child relationships; and to support both mothers and fathers as earners and carers. These goals remain unchanged, as does the Institute’s uncompromising belief that family resilience rests on... Read more »

Making it work as a single dad

Author: Caroline Davey / 15 June 2013

“It’s a sort of bereavement, when the life you used to know just goes,” says Andy, a father of three, of the time after his marriage ended. “Throughout, my main focus was the children. They really needed me and I needed to be there for them in any way I could.” Modern fatherhood includes men... Read more »