Modern Fatherhood: Fathers, Work and Families in twenty-first century Britain

3 Jul 2014 - 12:30 / Nunn Hall, Institute of Education, University of London

We are hosting an event to launch key findings from the major ESRC funded study ‘Fathers, work and families in twenty-first century Britain’. The study explores different aspects of modern fatherhood using a range of large-scale UK and European datasets. With our dynamic array of speakers, the event hopes to provoke wider discussion of men’s family and employment roles in society and of how policy affects fathers’ life.

 The event will be chaired by Rt. Hon. Charles Clarke.

 Speakers include: Dr. Svetlana Speight & Eloise Poole (NATCEN), Dr. Sara Connolly & Dr. Matt Aldrich (UEA), Professor Margaret O’Brien (TCRU, Institute of Education).

 The first part of the seminar will consist of presentations of the project findings. The second part will be a panel session followed by a general discussion. The panel will include Adrienne Burgess (Fatherhood Institute), Professor Julia Brannen (Institute of Education), Caroline Davey (Gingerbread) and Owen Thomas (Working With Men)

 Finding from three key areas will be discussed:

  • Fatherhood and family life: fatherhood in men’s life, father involvement with children in two-parent families, father involvement with children who are not living with them.
  • Fathers and work: strategies used by fathers and mothers for combining paid work with family responsibilities and how these have changed over the last decade; fathers’ working hours; factors associated with different typologies of parental division of breadwinning and childcare.
  • UK fathers in the European context: how UK compares with other EU countries in terms of fathers’ work patterns and how fathers experience the conflict between demands of work and family life.

 The event will take place at Nunn Hall, Institute of Education, University of London, 20 Bedford Way, London WC1H 0AA. It is free to attend. There will be refreshments provided free on the day.

 Register to secure a place by emailing Tracy Modha, [email protected]. Registration will open Monday 14th April.